Commercial Products

Commercial Products


HCM is very proud to be associated for over 15 years with the world renown American “Goodway” brand of cleaning and service products.

The Goodway brand range embraces many high efficient cleaning services.
Tube cleaners, Vacuums, Vapour steam cleaners, Pressure washers, Drain cleaners, Duct cleaners, Cooling tower vacuum cleaners, Other building maintenance equipment
HCM have marketed and sold many Goodway tube cleaners and associated products throughout the Republic servicing the Industrial, Gold Mining and environmental sector.

Other prominent products under the HCM banner are the “Pearl” range of unitary air-conditioners
The “Pearl” range of air-conditioners are manufactured in Bahrain./ The equipment is of exceptional high engineering standards and a good performer. A unique feature of the “Pearl” range is its ability to ensure perfect operation up to 52°C ambient temperature, a feature no other manufacturers can offer. Even though the ambient temperature may not reach 52°C, condenser on coil temperatures often exceed 45°C due to re-radiation and recirculation of condenser air. The life span and reliability of the equipment is therefore superior.
The range is comprehensive and we have supplied hundreds of DX “Pearl” air-conditioners throughout Africa, mobile cellular phone suppliers are a large user of the “Pearl” airconditioners.

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