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HCM Contractors (Pty) Ltd trading as HCM Air-conditioning / Refrigeration Engineers and Equipment Suppliers are professionally equipped in this field with over 35 years of engineering and manufacturing experience. The company excels in its years of engineering experience particularly in the field of special custom built applications.

We are currently working towards our ISO9001.

What we do

The company can proudly boast of the development, design and manufacture of Telephone Container exchange applications. By way of illustration the well known HCM Clip On Unit air-conditioners after 30 years still operating satisfactorily on many Telkom exchanges all over the Republic and adjoining states. Recent Telkom purchases have embraced this proven product.

Besides the HCM Standard range of the equipment we also embrace state of the art specialised air driers, refrigerated air cooled oil coolers, crane cooler and animal feed cooling process coolers are but a portion of our specialised portfolio.

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